Weight Loss

How can I tell if I am overweight and need to lose pounds? Because Dr. Natarajan and Dr. Brown practice Sports Medicine, their patients tend to be active and fit. […]

Illness and Injury

How should I adjust my training program when I am sick? I have dealt with hundreds of marathon runners and most of them have a hard time “taking it easy,” […]

Toning Shoes

Are Toning Shoes the Answer to Fitness and Strength? You’ve seen the commercials, Joe Montana wears Sketchers Shape Ups, young women dancing and walking on the beach in their Reebok […]

Hip labrum

What is the hip labrum and how is it injured? The labrum of the hip has a similar function as the labrum in the shoulder. It is a cartilage ring […]

Hamstring Strain

My hamstring that I injured at the Chicago ½ marathon last year is still not fully recovered. I read online to aggressively stretch, ice and rest it, but 6 months […]

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a common complaint that can severely affect both fitness activity and day-to-day functions. Patients may complain of an ache in the upper arm, anterior shoulder pain, and/or […]

Whiplash- A Common Snowboarding Injury

I hurt my neck snowboarding. What can I do to make it better? Unlike skiing injuries, which typically involve torsional or twisting injuries at one of the joints in the […]